Research talk and laboratory visit by Visiting Professor, Prof. Dr. Yasutaka Fujimoto

A research talk by Professor Dr. Yasutaka Fujimoto (Yokohama National University) titled “The current trends of motion control and mechatronics”.

Besides that, Professor Dr. Yasutaka Fujimoto takes this opportunity to visit MCon Research Lab.

External source: Professor Dr. Yasutaka Fujimoto

Poster Visiting2


A                                          Motion Control Research Lab visit


A                                                          Technical talk by Professor Dr. Yasutaka Fujimoto


A                                                               Group photo in Motion Control Research Lab

Technical Talk by Professor Masatake Kawada (23 November 2015)

On 23th November 2015, Professor Masatake Kawada from University of Tokushima gave a technical talk on insulation diagnostics through measuring microwave emitted by the system. The field of applications of this concept includes turbine generator, transformers and magnetic levitation track. The professor also visited research laboratories in the faculty including Motion Control Laboratory.

Further reference: Professor Masatake KawadaUniversity of Tokushima, Japan


Technical Talk by Professor Graham Goodwin (4th June 2015)

On 4th June 2015, CAIRO UTM (Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia) had organized a technical talk on applications of modern control in power electronics by Professor Graham Goodwin from University of Newcastle, Australia. Professor Goodwin has been educating in tertiary education for 40 years, major in Electrical Engineering. He has received numerous awards including the top award of the world: IEEE Control Systems Field Award.

External Source: Professor Graham Goodwin

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