Force Characterization of a Rotary Motion Electrostatic Actuator with FEM Analysis

Development of Micro Electro Mechanical System (MEMS) is increasing rapidly throughout these years. MEMS consists of 3 main components which are microstructure, microsensor, and microactuator. Microactuator is the only one of the subset of the MEMS that converts energy to create motion such as rotary or linear motion. The microactuator can be applied in many fields such as the robotics, electronics, medicine, medical, biotechnology, communications and inertial sensing. There are few types of microactuators which are electrostatic, thermal, piezoelectric and shape memory. Compared to all the types of microactuators as shown above, electrostatic microactuator created the lowest force. Therefore, this research will focus on the rotary electrostatic microactuator designs with FEM analysis to verify the best design.

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