Investigation of the Motion and Force Characteristic of a 3-Phase Driven Linear Electromagnetic Microactuator

Nowadays, the growth of interest in Micro Electro Mechanical System (MEMS) is increasing rapidly. MEMS consists of micromechanisms such as microstructures, actuators and microsensors. Actuator is a subset of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) that convert electrical energy to mechanical energy. With advance technologies in microfabrication for MEMS, an efficient and reliable actuator can be built for various microsystems.

The motivation of this project is to design, analyse and compare the force characterization of a 3-Phase Linear Electromagnetic Actuator Drive for a fine motion stage. The project is undertaken in order to envisage a practical and simple electromagnetic actuator that produces high precision motion and sufficient force for a micromachining fine motion stage. Two types of linear motion electromagnetic actuators are proposed, designed and analyzed using Finite Element Method (FEM) analysis. This project discussed the comparisons and detailed thrust force analysis of the two actuators. Both designs have similar specifications; i.e the number of rotor’s teeth to stator’s teeth ratio, radius and thickness of rotor, and gap between stator and rotor. Two structures will be proposed, designed and evaluated; (a) Side-Driven Actuator and (b) Bottom-Driven Actuator. This project focuses on comparing & analyzing the generated thrust force for both designs when the actuator’s parameters are varied.

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