Visitor from Curtin University Sarawak Malaysia (3~6 May 2016)

On 03 May 2016 to 06 May 2016, a visitor from Curtin University Sarawak Malaysia visited Motion Control Research Lab.

Thibault Cayphas from University of Mons (UMons), Belgium who now in his second year of Master study in Electrical Engineering – Biosystems. Currently he study in Curtin University Sarawak Malaysia to complete his master thesis with the title of Modeling and Controlling PMA for a Medical Purpose. He has finished the modeling of a simple PMA. His goal was to apply the PMA model in a knee-rehabilitation machine. The objective of his visit in Malacca is to identify the parameters of the PMA.


A  Collecting data from the experimental setup


A                                                      Group photo in Motion Control Research Laboratory